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These Services include:


Physical Therapy-

Through 1-on-1 therapy designed specifically for each patient, by our highly educated and experienced personal training department. We are able to help you achieve maximum functionality with minimal pain, to injured body parts. We can do this through a number of different techniques.



The insertion of needles into predetermined points of the body to normalize body function and reduce or eliminate painful conditions. Acupuncture points have been mapped out and standardized for thousands of years, and the practice of acupuncture is considered a normal branch of diagnosis and treatment in Asia. 



Personal Training-

When muscles become injured during everyday activity it's usually due to inadequate strength in a particular region. The benefits to personal training aren't all esthetic, through a specifically designed strength routine, you can achieve maximum functionality and reduce the risk of injury all together. Personal Training can also help you to live a fuller and more active life through providing better stamina, increased strength, greater flexibility, better balance, circulation and much more!


Massage Therapy-

Massage Therapy offers a soothing, and rehabilitating effect. Through manual manipulation of tense and injured muscle tissue. Massage Therapy has been shown to increase circulation, help repair damaged muscle and to speed up the body’s natural recovery process.

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