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Frank Poveromo has years of experience working with injured clients as well as fully healthy clients! He has a program thats right for you no matter what your limitations!

Frank Poveromo supervising client exercise to correct form when necessary! 

Physical Therapy at 315 Cedar Lane Teaneck NJ

John Pineda is director of physical therapy helping a patient perform shoulder press ecercise to increase range of motion!

Dr. Ken Ermann Has over 20 Years Experience with treating all types of injuries! He is considered the best at what he does

Dr. Kenneth Ermann is the offical chiropractor for the NY Giants, and NJ Nets. He has been treating patients for more then 20 years. He is concidered the best at what he does!

Arthur Doing Physical Therapy 315 Cedar Lane

Performing rehab for injuires

Physical Therapy Department of NJHealthCareAssociates 315 Cedar Lane

Light resistance exercise to increase strength. 

Robert Branch, L.Ac. is Director of Acupuncture at Ermann Chiropractic with almost 20 years of experience treating various conditions.

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